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Your Denver Pet Sitters

The Pet Valet was started by it’s pack leader, Aubrey Schwenk, in 2002. Originally a mid-western native, she came to Colorado after obtaining a B.S. in Biology from Doane College. Upon her arrival, Aubrey interned at the Denver Zoo where she gained experience with all levels of animal husbandry. While her primary responsibilities were in the bird department raising penguin and flamingo chicks, Aubrey worked with all kinds of animals from hoof stock to wart hogs, rhinos to large cats.

Once Aubrey realized what a pet loving community the Denver area is, she knew she wanted to return to her previous passion – pet sitting. Her desire to bring personal, reliable, affordable and loving pet care to the Denver area led her to create The Pet Valet, Inc.

Jennifer D.

Originally From: Originally born in Virginia Beach, Virginia, but my mom and I traveled around many states with my dad as he tried to find a job as a flight instructor. We lived in Texas, California, Minnesota, Arizona, New Mexico, and before moving to Colorado, lived in Hawaii for a little bit. I loved it. What a great little adventure.

Favorite Animal: Manatee

Pet’s Name(s): My 3 Cats; Sanka, Bug, Panda

What I do in my “Playtime”: I love reading- usually science fiction and fiction. My favorite authors are Haruki Murakami, Cormac Mccarthy, Philip K Dick, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, Luis Borges, and Fyodor Dostoevsky. I write often as well. Short stories, stream of consciousness, and rhymes for fun. I also love piano. My favorite pieces to play on the piano are classical and ragtime.

Place I’d Most Like To Visit: Istanbul- to be able to see the Hagia Sofia. There are so many beautiful mosques and temples. Berlin-for its modernity and innovation in design, it looks so fun and I’d love to visit all the contemporary art galleries. Barcelona looks beautiful as well, and I have always wanted to visit Antoni Gaudi’s architecture and mosaic designs.

Sarah G.

Originally From: Colorado, born & raised

Favorite Animal: Canadian Lynx

Pet’s Name(s): My dog, Scrappy

What I do in my “Playtime”: Draw & paint

Place I’d Most Like To Visit: South America

Sheryl C.

Originally From: I am originally from Southern Wisconsin

Favorite Animal: My favorite animal is a pig

Pet’s Name(s): I have two dogs named Guinness and Henry and one cat named Edie Bouvier Beale

What I do in my “Playtime”: In my playtime I snuggle and play with my baby boy. Almost any day that the weather is nice you can see us out enjoying beautiful Denver. I look forward to the summer and all the wonderful hiking trails in Colorado. There is so much to do and so much to see here!

Place I’d Most Like To Visit: I would love to visit India. I have always been capitvated by the Indian culture. (And the food!)

Anthony T.

Originally From: Proud to be a Colorado Native!

Favorite Animal: Tigers & Lions of course!

Pet’s Name(s): I have three cats, Gabriel and Gandalf who are brothers, and Louise who rules over all of us!

What I do in my “Playtime”: I prefer to stay active with home projects and helping others. I like to walk, hang with my friends and listen to music. I love the outdoors and spending time in my garden.

Place I’d like to visit: New York, yep this Colorado native has never been! The Netherlands is also on my bucket list for abroad travel.