At The Pet Valet, Inc., we know that pet care is not a one-size-fits-all service.  

We offer a variety of services designed to meet your pet’s needs (and yours!).  Our personal and reliable pet care gives you peace of mind, no matter which services you choose. We are proud members of both Pet Sitters International and the Better Business Bureau.

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Below is a outline of our services.

 > Dog walks – Daily, weekly, when needed.

 > Cat & small animal care – In home care for your critters.

 > Vacation care – Complete care when you are away from home.

 > Valet services – We chauffeur your pet to appointments when you can’t.


Dog Walks

30 minutes of walking/playtime for your dog.  We will provide your canine companion the exercise he/she needs to stay happy and healthy. Give your dog a break from a long day at home by scheduling a friendly visit from The Pet Valet.


Cat Care

30 minutes of playtime for your feline friend.  We keep your cat’s curiosity satisfied when your schedule doesn’t allow you to.  We will play, scoop the litter, and feed your cat with love and care.  Schedule a visit from The Pet Valet and let us pamper your cat while you’re away!


Vacation Care

We will come morning, noon, and night to take care of your beloved critters while you are away. We’ll feed them, walk them, play with them – we’ll all-around pamper them!  Have peace of mind while you are away by scheduling vacation care with The Pet Valet.


Valet Services

Do you need to get your pet to the vet or the groomers but can’t take him yourself?  We offer one-way or round trip valet service, saving you valuable time from your busy schedule.  Feel confident that your buddy is getting where he/she needs to go by scheduling a valet service now with The Pet Valet.


Budget Plan

It pays to buy in bulk! Sign a monthly contract and you will get dog walks at a reduced price.  Your dog will be thrilled you have made a commitment to provide the walks and playtime that he/she loves. You can’t go wrong with the Budget Plan from The Pet Valet.


Executive Business Plan

Our Executive Business Plan offers a reduced price for frequent business travelers. If you go away at least twice per month for at least three days each, you qualify for the Executive Business Plan and will receive a reduced price for the services provided while you are gone.  The Pet Valet, gives you peace of mind and a reduced price when you are away on business.

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